[whatwg] Proposal: implement a <usescookies> tag.

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Thu Nov 15 13:07:42 PST 2012

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Opnieuw-verstuurd-door: Eric Imthorn <ericimthorn at me.com>
Van: Eric Imthorn <eric.imthorn at gmail.com>
Onderwerp: Proposal: implement a <usescookies> tag.
Datum: 15 november 2012 21:52:33 CET
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Aan: whatwg at lists.whatwg.org

Because of European legislation, all sites must warn users about the usage of cookies on the sites.
Over 90% of European websites use cookies, which could make a "We use cookies" block become more common than a footer.
So assuming the law is here to stay, this common mandatory block might as well get his own <usescookies> tag (or something in that nature).

Another advantage is that browser-builders can implement an option to automatically "display:none" these elements (redering the whole legislation useless).

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