[whatwg] URL: query string

Anne van Kesteren annevk at annevk.nl
Wed Nov 21 08:34:22 PST 2012

Writing and parsing currently distinguish between URLs that can be
written relatively and those that cannot. URLs with a relative scheme
http://url.spec.whatwg.org/#relative-scheme have a relative syntax and
the others do not. Fragment makes sense to have on both, although for
setting hash (not getting) I ended up special casing the scheme
"javascript" because that would make little sense.

For query I think I might have made the wrong judgment, it is
currently not supported. mailto: I suppose is an obvious candidate
where it does make sense to have it separate and not rely on the
mailto: specific-processing for that, but for data: and javascript:
(again) and also about: it is less clear. Does anyone know whether
Internet Explorer supports "about:blank?test"? Always parsing query in
the base URL parser is also closer to STD 66.

(Browser support is all over the map. For "mailto:test?test" Firefox
gives neither pathname/search, Opera/Safari give pathname/search,
Chrome only gives pathname, which is "test?test". No access to
Internet Explorer unfortunately.)


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