[whatwg] URL testing

Chris Weber chris at lookout.net
Fri Nov 23 11:39:00 PST 2012

Hello, I've been trying to follow Anne's work with the URL spec, and
working on using the W3C testharness.js for URL testing.  I have some
URL testing running, with still more work to do:


The test cases and harness are available at:


I've aggregated about 600 test cases and their expected results from
several sources, and converted them into JSON format (urls.json).  A
majority come from Webkit's fast/url suite as referenced in the
urls.json file.  A few test cases had to be modified to suit JSON, but
not many.

If this is of use to you I'm happy to hear your suggestions and make
adjustments to the test cases, format, or approach.  I do have plans to
narrate each test case with a descriptive comment, reduce duplication,
and add more distinct cases.

Another goal I have is to look beyond the DOM, and capture a test case's
resultant HTTP request as it appears on the wire, or at the server.
Capturing the HTTP request would make it possible to compare a test
case's path, query, and hostname components in the HTTP GET request,
with he DOM's representation of the same test case - to find
discrepancies between the two.

Best regards,

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