[whatwg] Declarative web worker creation and communication?

Fred Andrews fredandw at live.com
Sat Nov 3 06:11:43 PDT 2012

Hi David,

The use case really is to be able to use web workers rather than the document JS.
An extension to disable or restrict the document JS will also be added.  The design
is intended to limit a large range of security issues.


> Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2012 11:38:11 +0100
> From: bruant.d at gmail.com
> To: fredandw at live.com
> CC: whatwg at whatwg.org
> Subject: Re: [whatwg] Declarative web worker creation and communication?
> Le 03/11/2012 02:29, Fred Andrews a écrit :
> > 1. Declarative web worker creation.
> >
> > Feedback and suggestions for appropriate markup to declare web workers
> > would be appreciated.
> >
> > The use case is a document with JS disabled or restricted so that it can not
> > create web workers, yet still wants to create web workers to process page
> > input and to update the document.
> If JS is disabled, it's probably to prevent processing of page input
> (among other things).
> David

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