[whatwg] Feedback on Web Worker specification

Fred Andrews fredandw at live.com
Fri Nov 23 03:25:05 PST 2012

> From: fredandw at live.com
> Thank you for the suggestion.  Using the <script> element seems like a good
> approach to explore.
> Overloading the 'type' attribute could be problematic because the script type
> may well be orthogonal to the JS context to which the script applies.  Could I
> suggest a new attribute, for example 'context' that declares the script context.

Just to follow up.  Perhaps I understand now why you suggested a different
'type' - so that the script is not interpreted as javascript by legacy browsers.

It would not seem appropriate for a legacy browser to load script intended
for a worker into the document JS context.  While it might be possible to
write code that works in both contexts, it would seem too much of a burden
on the programmer.

So it would seem that overloading the script element 'type' attribute would be
a possible solution if it were really necessary to support inline script for workers.
If it were not necessary to supporting inline script then a 'meta' or 'link' element
might be more appropriate declarative markup for starting workers.



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