[whatwg] Which html5 features should replace plugins like flash

Jonas Grus Dinesen dinesen at itu.dk
Tue Oct 23 04:38:09 PDT 2012

Hi mailing list

I understand that some of the motivation of html5 was to reduce the need for plugins like the flash player. But are there some features that are specifically developed with this intention?

The question is relevant for me because I am working on a school project (it university, copenhagen) in which I will try find out if, and to what extend, certain features will be able to reduce or maybe eliminate the need for fx flash. I want to focus on video, audio, svgand canvas tags and apis.

Then it would be nice with a clear argument for why I did not focus on fx websockets, geolocation or other nice html5 things.

I posted the same question at the help mailing list earlier but this list seems to be a better forum.


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