[whatwg] Default scope for table headers

Michael[tm] Smith mike at w3.org
Mon Oct 1 02:21:43 PDT 2012

Nicholas Shanks <contact at nickshanks.com>, 2012-10-01 09:53 +0100:

> http://www.w3.org/TR/html-markup/th.html#th.attrs.scope Says nothing
> about what a UA should do by default, nor when scope can be omitted
> due to such defaults.

Don't look to that document for any information about default UA behavior,
or anything at all about UA processing behavior. I tried to make that very
clear in the abstract and intro for that document. It's a non-normative doc
that's intended simply just as a reference

> I suggest explicitly defining defaults for the benefit of both UAs and
> HTML authors. I would expect the defaults to be defined something like
> this:
> [...]

I think what you want is already define in the actual HTML spec:


But if that's missing something you should file an HTML spec bug.


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