[whatwg] TextTrack and addCue

Cyril Concolato cyril.concolato at telecom-paristech.fr
Wed Sep 26 12:41:34 PDT 2012

Hi all,

Has it been considered adding another method to add cues to a track? 
Something like addCues(DOMString text) where the text is not only one 
cue (like in the TextTrackCue ctor) but where the text would be multiple 
cues as written in a WebVTT file? My use case is that I'm getting WebVTT 
content from a server using XHR and I'd like to add that easily to the 
track, without having to parse them myself. Ideally, I would like to 
push the WebVTT content to the track a bit like the Media Source 
Extension API. Another option (less ideal) would be to have a 
WebVTTParser object with a parseFromString method returning a 
TextTrackList (a bit like the DOMParser object). Each cue could be added 
one by one.



Cyril Concolato
Maître de Conférences/Associate Professor
Groupe Multimedia/Multimedia Group
Telecom ParisTech
46 rue Barrault
75 013 Paris, France

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