[whatwg] Add more types of DOM as part of Form

Renoir Boulanger renoirb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 18:41:56 PDT 2013

Hello jingwei lv,

I am not sure, but, here is my try about your suggestion.

As I understand, in your use-case, you may want to use the <datalist /> element: http://html5doctor.com/html5-forms-introduction-and-new-attributes/#list

After that, I wonder what more you may want in the feature you are describing.


Renoir Boulanger
Frontend & software developer.
Montreal, Canada, QC.

On 2013-04-08, at 8:44 PM, jingwei lv <phoenixlv0108 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Recently I am working with some web frameworks with mongodb(non relational
> database). There is one type of field called dict, similar with BSON, or
> JSON. In general, when defining a table in db in modern frameworks, it also
> can be generated a form in html, which is intuitive and convenient. Well,
> but those types such as list, dict in db are not supported in the
> generation of a form in those frameworks. For example, if you have a field
> typed list, you need a html DOM something like a list of <input
> type="text"/>, and the length can be changed dynamically. Of course, you
> can do define those things by hand. But since the non relational db will be
> used more, also in Semantic web. It will be much simple for web designer or
> programmer. The same for dictionary type.

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