[whatwg] Background audio channels

Markus Ernst derernst at gmx.ch
Thu Apr 11 03:20:49 PDT 2013

Am 10.04.2013 21:14 schrieb Wesley Johnston:
>> Finally, apps can already solve this problem today - they know when they go into the background (for different permutations of "background", as Jer mentioned), and they can pretty trivially mute or pause their playing audio. Most of them don't.
> Yes.... err... isn't this my point? Most of them (that I've encountered) aren't not muting themselves because they think what they're playing is so important that it shouldn't be stopped.

Well I as a user expect to have control on what is playing and what is 
muted. If I want to stop the audio or video, I actually hit the stop 
button or close the tab. If I focus an other tab or window or 
application without hitting stop or pause, I usually wish to continue 
listening, while working on something else.

To address your issue, UAs might provide a User setting such as "Stop 
audio and video playback when the page/tab is in the background", which 
may be eventually overridden by hitting "play" again.

What I consider really annoying about user control is, that video 
players usually have no "stop" button, but only a "pause" one, so the 
user can't stop the download process without closing or reloading the 
page. But this is another topic.


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