[whatwg] Zip archives as first-class citizens

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 28 09:36:51 PDT 2013

On 8/28/13 12:20 PM, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> * It makes it impossible to have create a relative URL from inside the
> zip file to refer to something on the same server but outside of the
> zip file.

I think this comes back to use cases.

If the idea of having the zip is "here is stuff that should live in its 
own world", then we do not want easy ways to get out of it via relative 

If the idea is to have "here is a fancy way of representing a directory" 
then relative URIs should Just Work across the zip boundary, like they 
would for any other directory.

Which model are we working with here?  Or some other one that doesn't 
match either of those two?


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