[whatwg] XML data islands related question

Neerja Anand neerja at kynex.com
Thu Feb 7 06:47:12 PST 2013

Hello - it appears that XML data islands (originally created by Microsoft)
have been discontinued in the newer browsers. We wanted to request they
could be supported as an addon/plugin into the browser if not incorporated
into the browser by default. We understand that this was a Microsoft only
feature but they are extremely helpful to our business and their
discontinuation would highly affect our business. Our request is to make
them as an HTML5 standard, so all browsers would then have to support this
feature. This would make the life of us developers much easier. We are not
asking for Microsoft's version of XML data islands specifically, but would
want this feature as a standard in some version. We noticed there is
something new called Data Block which may be similar to XML data islands,
but couldn't find much information on it to proceed. If you know of Data
Blocks being an alternative to XML data islands, then if you could provide
some documentation or point us to the location where we can get more
information (with examples on how to use them) that would be very helpful as


Any feedback on this would be appreciated.


Thanks very much in advance!


Neerja Anand

neerja at kynex.com


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