[whatwg] [URL] Cargo-cult naming in URL and matching

Alex Russell slightlyoff at google.com
Thu Feb 7 09:16:25 PST 2013

While using the shiny new URL spec in some API work, I've got a couple of
questions, some sparked by Jake's excellent insights:

   1. It doesn't appear straightforward to test if two URL objects
   reference the same path. The serialization algorithm has as flag for
   omitting the fragment, but not the query. Is there something in the API
   that I'm missing that would make this easier than custom-serializing 2 URLs
   to omit queries and then test string equality?
   2. The word "search" seems drived from window.location's use of that. Is
   it only included for compat with window.location? if so, can we drop it and
   spec window.location to use a subclass that provides it?


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