[whatwg] HTML Specification update request: bug 20939

Bob Owen bobowencode at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 08:26:12 PST 2013


While discussing with Boris Zbarsky, some work I am doing on sandboxing for
Mozilla, we realised that the sections in the HTML specification on
browsing context security and browsing context names, could do with some
clarification with regard to the effects of sandboxing.


The non-normative table, in the browsing context names section, does cover
many of the effects.
However, if the normative text in these two sections is read on its own,
without knowledge of the sandboxing sections, then the reader could easily
come away with an incorrect understanding.

I have raised the following bug detailing all of this.


The bug also contains some suggestions for new rows that could be added to
the non-normative table.


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