[whatwg] XML data islands related question

Alain Couthures alain.couthures at agencexml.com
Thu Feb 7 10:16:04 PST 2013

Le 07/02/2013 19:03, Jukka K. Korpela a écrit :
> It's a bit odd that if you wish to set up a standalone application 
> running in a browser (often called "HTML5 application", without 
> implying any particular version of HTML5), you can include e.g. 
> scripts and images in separate files but not plain text or XML data
A good workaround is to use the SCRIPT element with a type attribute set 
to "text/xml": the browser will not try to interpret it! I use it myself 
in my XForms implementation to store fragments of XHTML+XForms.


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