[whatwg] metadata attribute for media

Ralph Giles giles at mozilla.com
Wed Jan 16 12:21:30 PST 2013

On 12-12-11 5:23 PM, Ralph Giles wrote:

> That said, I'm not convinced this is an issue given the primary
> use-case, which is pretty much that web content wants to do more
> sophisticated things with the metadata than the user-agent's
> standardized parsing allows. If one cares to that extent, and is already
> handling format differences, dealing with vendor variation on top isn't
> that much more effort.

Robert O'Callahan argued (off-list) that there is a significant
difference. Exposing what the media framework supplies for metadata,
multiplies the established format fragmentation by per-platform
differences. That's  not something we want to do if we can avoid it, and
we can avoid it by doing our own tag normalization as part of the
exposed API.

We feel that's more important than the extended and custom tag use case,
which is still addressible by direct parsing in javascript, etc.

I don't intend to continue with implementation of the raw metadata api,
and instead will focus on mapping everthing to a standard set of
attributes. To that proposal I've added a 'tracknumber' attribute since
this is imporant for sorting resources in media player applications.

interface Metadata {
  readonly attribute DOMString title;
  readonly attribute DOMString artist;
  readonly attribute DOMString album;
  readonly attribute long tracknumber;
  readonly attribute Blob? artwork;

partial interface MediaElement {
  Metadata metadata;


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