[whatwg] Sentence structure

Thomas A. Fine fine at head.cfa.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 10 19:45:13 PST 2013

I guess I was just way too long-winded.

Buried in there were some good ideas, and I'm no longer strictly 
advocating just a sentence tag.  I read more about how things are 
supposed to work, and I focused on what is needed in general terms, and 
then as many different possible solutions and their pros and cons.

I still think a sentence tag is a good idea, but I would now really 
favor an approach that allows CSS to interpret a pair of spaces 
following terminal punctuation directly as a sentence break, and then 
provide a mechanism to format that directly.  If I had to narrow things 
down to just one choice rather than a spectrum of available approaches 
it would be that one.

It's practical for content developers, straightforward to implement, can 
be easily applied to previously generated content, and does not "ugly" 
up the HTML (in fact the HTML wouldn't even change at all, only a tiny 
bit of CSS would be added).  It's not ideal for semantic sentence 
detection, but is at least a significant improvement there.


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