[whatwg] Forms-related feedback

Bronislav Klučka Bronislav.Klucka at bauglir.com
Wed Jan 16 05:48:43 PST 2013

On 16.1.2013 14:16, Bruce Lawson wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jan 2013 11:01:14 -0000, Tab Atkins Jr. 
> <jackalmage at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Strongly agree.  I think any arguments that sites will refuse to use
>> the native controls because they don't match the site's theme are
>> countered by the observation that most sites using JS-library
>> equivalents today still don't theme them very well, or at all. I
>> usually just see a very plain mostly-white calendar, using whatever
>> the default color scheme is for the given library.
> Anecdotal, but *literally* every time I've given talks or demos of the 
> new form input types I've been asked how they can be styled, and many 
> devs have told me they'll continue to use things like jQuery UI 
> because of the number of themes http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/ 
> (which makes me sad)

1/ Every time, anyone is presenting some technology, there are always 
questions that technology cannot solve, that does not mean, it's deal 
breaker, tech. is bad whatever.
2/ Did you ask web developers in general? They won't use it anyway, 
what's the point on regular webpage, when majority of browsers has no UI 
for those controls yet? It may be "cool" for them, but they will 
fallback to e.g. jQuery. On the other hand, I focus on developing 
applications using web browser as runtime (I do not use "web 
application" for a certain reason). I do not use jQuery, or any other 
lib. why would I? I do not need those apps to run in every browser.
3/ Way for styling native controls are pseudo-classes, the fact, that we 
do not have those yet is hardly reason for abandoning it. We would have 
no progress at all if we had dropped every technology that is not 
perfect for everyone/everytime. The fact, that there is no way for 
styling is not a reason for abandoning/refusin, but a reson to create 
such pseudo-classes and implementing them. The same way all specs. are 


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