[whatwg] Adding features needed for WebGL to ImageBitmap

Mark Callow callow.mark at artspark.co.jp
Tue Jul 16 00:25:47 PDT 2013

On 2013/07/15 10:46, Justin Novosad wrote:
> But to circle back to your point, I agree that an exception is a good idea
> to avoid having to hold a triplicate copy in RAM, or having to redecode all
> the time. Better to force the dev to make additional copies explicitly if
> needed than to make a potentially uselessly costly implementation.mf
Maybe I am misunderstanding but the only reason I can see for 3 copies
(2 if you ignore the undecoded copy) is if you propose to ignore the
specified parameters when drawing the image to a 2D canvas. I would
expect to always draw the image decoded as indicated by the proposed
parameters so no additional copy would be necessary. Sure the image
might not be correct (colors off or image upside down) but that would be
a programmer error.

I would like to see ImageBitmap fully support WebGL so WebGL apps can
use a Browser's built-in image decoders. And, if the rumors are true,
come IE11, WebGL will be supported by all major browsers so it should be
treated as a first-class citizen.



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