[whatwg] Iframe IDL sandbox readonly attribute

Marta Pawlowska m.pawlowska at samsung.com
Tue May 21 03:31:30 PDT 2013


In spec I read that IDL sandbox is readonly:

[PutForwards=value] readonly attribute
html#domsettabletokenlist> DOMSettableTokenList
ent.html#dom-iframe-sandbox> sandbox;




I've prepared TC where I change sandbox value and it can be changes with
most browsers. How should I interpret this "readonly" in case of sandbox
attribute? Readonly indicates at least for me that we should not be able to
change it.



ifrm = document.createElement("IFRAME");



I've tried to find answer on the whatwg discussion list, but no direct
answer how we should interpret this readonly for sandbox. Especially that
with other readonly attributes like "contentDocument" it does work as
expected - I can't change it.

Only reference on whatwg I found is Boris email, but I could not find any
further discussion about "readonly" sandbox :


Can you help me and explain it? I'll be grateful for your help.   


Best regards,





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