[whatwg] CanvasRenderingContext2D with addPath, currentPath

Jürg Lehni lists at scratchdisk.com
Mon Nov 4 01:49:17 PST 2013

> What's the use case?
> I intentionally didn't add this to the spec when I was adding the last set 
> of path-related features, because it seems entirely redundant with Path 
> objects. I thought we'd want people to move away from using the implicit 
> path, rather than making it more powerful.

I like this feature a lot. One advantage to not underestimate is the amount of effort it takes to change existing code to make use off the new Path feature, while staying backward compatible with older browsers that don't implement this spec. For example, in Paper.js it took only three added lines of code to use cached paths if they exist rather than redrawing them each time.


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