[whatwg] <imgset> responsive imgs proposition (Re: The src-N proposal)

Jukka K. Korpela jkorpela at cs.tut.fi
Tue Nov 12 00:29:23 PST 2013

2013-11-12 10:14, Anselm Hannemann wrote:

> no, a preload scanner will never (okay, never say never) interpret CSS.
> This is against the rule of it to improve performance before interpreting layout.

This whole thing is about scanning *something* in early phase, so if 
some rules prevent from using style sheets for something that is really 
a stylesheet matter (unless we regard it as a client/server negotiation 
issue), change the rules.

If some style sheets require early processing, define a new style sheet 
language (it could very much resemble CSS, too). Or introduce an 
attribute into <style> that tells the browser to process its content 
immediately. Then you would have the responsive img settings in one 
<style> element, all the normal CSS in other <style> elements or in 
external style sheets. (These approaches have different implications on 
non-supporting browsers, of course.)


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