[whatwg] <imgset> responsive imgs proposition (Re: The src-N proposal)

Bruno Racineux bruno at hexanet.net
Sat Nov 16 13:25:26 PST 2013

On 11/15/13 9:48 PM, "matmarquis.com" <mat at matmarquis.com> wrote:

>I©öd say the likelihood of a project not using a content image directory a
>step or two from root is roughly the same as the likelihood that I©öm
>hot-linking to images on someone else©ös website‹which is to say ©øvery
>slim.©÷ The ©øreal world with clouds©÷ case is a lot more apt to land
>somewhere between two exaggerations, with a more common representation of
>usage being something like:

There is no exaggeration, I write here based on knowledge, research, and

I'd say you are either misunderstanding the broad based usage of RespImg
or not well aware of current practices. There are no imgurl <base> element
here, and RespImg is not limited to your 2-5 local theme or ui images.

'Very-slim' would be speaking of small sites which serve images locally
for a theme and have a well designed short path structure which very few
people practice or even care for.

And by: /img/path/pic100.png, for content images, you realistically mean:

I just showed you a medium range 'flickr' case which is an image gallery
website serving thousand of widgets. The cases applies to Facebook album
images and everything else in that category.

With Wordpress accounting for 20% of all websites,
here is your wordpress default average theme path:

Sitepoint (wordpress based):
Local theme:

Here are two random ones from a Drupal site:



With just the Drupal default 'path' being:

Mashable Rack CDN:

NYTimes CDN:

Techcrunch CDN:

The chances of a path as short as '/img/path/pic100.png' in bytes size is
the one that's very slim I am afraid. In fact, I dare you to find me a
platform that stores its uploaded images with an average path that short
by design.

>src-1="100% (30em) 50% (50em) calc(33% - 100px);
>            /img/path/pic100.png 100,
>            /img/path/pic200.png 200,
>            /img/path/pic400.png 400,
>            /img/path/pic800.png 800,
>            /img/path/pic1600.png 1600,
>            /img/path/pic3200.png 3200"
>I don©öt find this terribly difficult to parse, as an author.

Even with a path that short this the way it reads as a real world source:
<img src="/img/path/pic100.png" src-1="100% (30em) 50% (50em) calc(33% -
100px); /img/path/pic100.png 100, /img/path/pic200.png 200,
/img/path/pic400.png 400, /img/path/pic800.png 800,/img/path/pic1600.png
1600, /img/path/pic3200.png 3200"

You can barely tell how many src(s) there are, right away.

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