[whatwg] Mailing List Archive Link

Robin Berjon robin at w3.org
Tue Nov 19 03:07:51 PST 2013

On 12/11/2013 16:10 , Anselm Hannemann wrote:
> If you ask me I would like to have a link on bottom of every message
> to the archived version but at w3c they said it wouldn’t be possible
> because this needs massive changes in the software.

More generally, IIRC the policy with W3C mailing lists is to modify the 
body of the message as little as possible.

That said since all WHATWG messages are archived at the W3C, you can 
always grab the Message-ID from a message posted here and get to its 
archive using the MID resolver:


So for instance, your initial post can be found at:


If your mail client can be somehow scripted to take advantage of this, 
you can have it grab the MID to generate a link.

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