[whatwg] New responsive images proposal

matmarquis.com mat at matmarquis.com
Thu Nov 21 07:22:58 PST 2013

On Nov 21, at 8:50 AM, Mateus Souza wrote:

> Agree, but maybe a new tag element can do the trick, or an adaptation of
> the picture element could be a better solution.
> <image>
> <source src="large.jpg" media="screen and (min-width: 800px)" alt="Larger"
> height="500" width="500" />
> <source src="small.jpg" media="screen and (max-width: 300px)" alt="Small"
> height="200" width="200" />
> </image>

Unfortunately `image` is a common alias of `img`, which doesn’t allow child elements—it’ll close itself upon encountering the next tag. In order to avoid that, we’d need a new unencumbered element name. 

You’re actually following the line of reasoning that led up to the original `picture` proposal, which is oddly comforting to see. You might get a kick out of reading through http://etherpad.mozilla.org/responsive-assets, where the proto-RICG originally started throwing ideas around.

> My ideai is just make all attributes responsive, and today, i do not see a
> solution without javascript or css polyfill.
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> 2013/11/21 James Graham <james at hoppipolla.co.uk>
>> On 21/11/13 13:07, Mateus Souza wrote:
>>> <img src="large.jpg" media="screen and (min-width: 800px)"...
>>> <img src="small.jpg" media="screen and (max-width: 300px)"...
>> This appears cause multiple images to load in the case that this feature
>> isn't supported (i.e. in all current browsers). That isn't an acceptable
>> fall back behaviour.

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