[whatwg] Simplified <picture> element draft

Tab Atkins Jr. jackalmage at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 13:07:57 PST 2013

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 8:33 AM, Adam Barth <w3c at adambarth.com> wrote:
> Thanks Yoav.  Tab asked me to provide some more feedback to this list,
> but it's hard to tell from the lengthy discussion what proposal folks
> are most interested in.  Is there an editor's draft or some other
> relatively self-contained write-up that I could review?

I'll be writing up a draft which more closely follows the discussion
in WHATWG, and posting it soonish.  I'm technically on vacation all
this week*, so I might not get to it until next week, but I'll try to
put something up sooner than that.

* I'm just taking this week off to veg and play videogames.


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