[whatwg] Canvas in workers

Kyle Huey me at kylehuey.com
Sat Oct 12 22:06:28 PDT 2013

On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 12:50 PM, Michael Norton <norto at me.com> wrote:

> Thank you!  Read over the 1st link you provided,  interesting.  A worker
> then seems similar to a runtime process in an os environment - is it a
> derivation of RPC?

In a manner of speaking.  Workers are an abstraction allowing for parallel
computing on the web without any shared mutable state or locking.  They
communicate via message passing, which can be thought of as an asynchronous
RPC mechanism.

>  Also, "Delegation" [Section] sounds like that SETI screensaver
> project years ago, for example.  Is that an accurate description of that
> section's use?

I am not familiar with this project.

As for <canvas>, in Firefox I don't think you need it if you utilize XUL
> which has similar elements essentially describing the same process(es), for
> example employing <hbox> and <vbox> with various calls to and fro <iFrame>
> and DOM elements via event listeners, etc.

This mailing list is for discussing standards track features for the web,
so the capabilities of proprietary Mozilla features such as XUL have little
relevance here, except perhaps as sources to draw inspiration from.

- Kyle

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