[whatwg] iframe scrolling attribute

Mats Palmgren mats at mozilla.com
Thu Jan 9 13:03:07 PST 2014

The current spec[1] for the scrolling attribute of [i]frame elements
does not reflect what is implemented by a majority of UAs.  We intend
to change Firefox to implement the behavior of IE/Chrome/Safari and
would like to see the spec changed to describe that behavior.

There are two major problems with the current spec:
1. mapping scrolling=yes (and synonyms) to overflow:scroll
2. the mapped overflow value being a presentational hint

Only Firefox implements 1 (we intend to change that[2]).
None of the four UAs mentioned implements 2.

The spec should instead say that scrolling=no (and synonyms) suppress
scrollbars for the [i]frame viewport, and that any other value have
no effect.




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