[whatwg] MetaExtensions for HTML5 vs. custom tagging

Christine Smith christin at us.ibm.com
Thu Jan 16 07:21:53 PST 2014

Over the years, my company has developed custom IBM.xxx meta tags for our
internal and external web pages that are used by various internal tools. My
question has two parts:

1) Is there an allowance for custom taxonomy definition that is not a
proposal for general acceptance? For example, if we manage our own
company-specific meta data schema and linked our pages two it, would it
pass validation?  If so, is there a spec that shows how to create our own

2) The "Registered Extensions" table at
http://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/MetaExtensions still show status of "proposal"
for all tags. Does that imply that they are not fully accepted as
extensions? For example,
-- I would like to know that Dublin Core is accepted, so that I can rely on
its continued support.
-- However, there are also redundant examples in that table (e.g.
web_author and designer) and tool-specific proposals that could be made
more generic for broader use (e.g. Web Trends wt.xxx could become

Is there a timeline to update the status to "accepted" for those that will
be supported in the future?

Thanks for your advice.

Christine Smith

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