[whatwg] HTML tags for POEM and MUSIC LYRICS

GevCbmlGM bijumaillist at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 08:59:49 PST 2017


Is there any recommend standard HTML tags for POEM and MUSIC LYRICS?

I searched and did not see anyone talk about it.
But I see different creative way people come up for POEM / STANZA / LINE


<UL> <P> <BR>

<DIV> <DL> <DD>

<PRE> then text with line brakes and proportional font using CSS styling.

I wish it to be standardized, so if no recommendation exist, I suggest
following tags.
<POEM> - With left/right intend from margin, and zero top/bottom
margin (almost  BLOCKQUOTE).
<STANZA> - With top/bottom margin, but zero left/right margin (similar to <P> ).
<L> this is for LINE, single character tag name to replace use of BR.
Content in<L> tag should not word wrap, instead it should continue
right side like contents in <PRE> tag.

We also need a set of tags for MUSIC LYRICS, with VERSE, CHORUS,
tag/attribute to mark repetition. As well as other tags/attributes
which music community thinks will be needed.

Gev C


(further research https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Song_structure )

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