Uday Kandpal ukandpal2 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 08:03:38 PDT 2017


As an Internet subscriber, and HTML content user, *kindly grant me your
precious time* for a suggestion that is very valuable for the future of the
dynamic multimedia content on the internet.

As you might have information about the video tag and multimedia, various
video database agencies including YouTube provide options to change the
video resolution ranging from 144p, 240p, 340p, 380p, 720p, 1080p, 1980p or
SD versions and HD versions, this is very useful for the user to be saved
for every video he browses on the internet, as well all the multimedia
content ranging from image to an applet/servlet. SO to exploit this fact, I
may suggest you to kindly bring a new feature like unique resolution to be
set for all the video being loaded on demand to lowest possible resolution
so that unnecessary advertisement and videos do not consume the space
irrespective of any adware remover or ad blocker.

Also kindly bring in a button for the user to change the multimedia
resolution (image/video/applet/flash and other plugins) dynamically the
same way Youtube provides for videos. It may require a change in the
protocol for servers to convert the image to low resolutions before
sending, but it can be reduced to the scope of HTML processiong or xml
processing engine.

I have heard that the android developers were saving their multimedia
resource details in the XML Resource files.


Thanks and Regards
Udaysagar Kandpal
Indian developer
(Past Employee: Adobe and IBM)

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