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Date: Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 9:37 AM<br>Subject: Re: HTML 5 remarks on typo<br>To: <a href="mailto:whatwg@whatwg.org">whatwg@whatwg.org</a><br><br><br>Dear<br>
Here are some updated comments : good job most of the typo are now out<br>
== Some css properties are emphasized and other not ==<br>
In The dir attribute<br>
CSS 'direction' and 'unicode-bidi' properties<br>
are not emphasized as<br>
in 4.6.21 The bdo element<br>
requirements by implementing the CSS unicode-bidi property. [CSS21]<br>
== Choose between ==<br>
initialize and initialise (DONE)<br>
absence and absense (DONE)<br>
authorize and authorise (DONE)<br>
behaviour and behavior (still one )<br>
code point and codepoint (a lot of this one)<br>
invokation and invocation (DONE)<br>
> You used en version for<br>
> Localisation (with an S) (DONE)<br>
== Typo ==<br>
s/appplies/applies/ (DONE)<br>
s/attribte/attribute/ (DONE)<br>
s/attributs/attributes/ (DONE)<br>
s/backgound/background/ (DONE)<br>
s/betwen/between/ (DONE)<br>
s/chacacters/characters/ (DONE)<br>
s/chosing/choosing/ (DONE)<br>
s/clipbroad/clipboard/ (DONE)<br>
s/befor /before / (DONE)<br>
s/conjuction/conjunction/ (REMOVED)<br>
s/corstructors/constructors/ (DONE)<br>
s/declaraing/declaring/ (DONE)<br>
s/decsendant/descendant/ (DONE)<br>
s/descendent/descendant/ (DONE)<br>
s/detais/details/ (DONE)<br>
s/ eding/ ending/ (DONE)<br>
s/errorneous/erroneous/ (DONE)<br>
s/explictly/explicitly/ (DONE)<br>
s/inteface/interface/ (DONE)<br>
s/musn't/mustn't/ (DONE)<br>
s/negotation/negotiation/ (DONE)<br>
s/numberic/numeric/ (DONE)<br>
s/occured/occurred/ (DONE)<br>
s/occurances/occurrences/ (STILL THERE)<br>
s/ofsets/offsets/ (DONE)<br>
s/ ommited/ omitted/ (DONE)<br>
s/particlar/particular/ (DONE)<br>
s/perferm/perform/ (DONE)<br>
s/preceeded/preceded/ (DONE)<br>
s/preceeding/preceding/ (DONE)<br>
s/pronounciations/pronunciations/ (DONE)<br>
s/asychronously/asynchronously/ (STILL THERE)<br>
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