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Fri Jul 11 02:35:01 PDT 2008

Author: ianh
Date: 2008-07-11 02:35:00 -0700 (Fri, 11 Jul 2008)
New Revision: 1862

[e] (0) wrong header level

Modified: index
--- index	2008-07-11 09:33:33 UTC (rev 1861)
+++ index	2008-07-11 09:35:00 UTC (rev 1862)
@@ -1614,234 +1614,234 @@
        <li><a href="#processing4"><span class=secno>7.4.1 </span>Processing
+     <li><a href="#pipe-messaging"><span class=secno>7.5 </span>Pipe
+      messaging</a>
-   <li><a href="#pipe-messaging"><span class=secno>8. </span>Pipe
-    messaging</a>
-   <li><a href="#syntax"><span class=secno>9. </span>The HTML syntax</a>
+   <li><a href="#syntax"><span class=secno>8. </span>The HTML syntax</a>
     <ul class=toc>
-     <li><a href="#writing0"><span class=secno>9.1 </span>Writing HTML
+     <li><a href="#writing0"><span class=secno>8.1 </span>Writing HTML
       <ul class=toc>
-       <li><a href="#the-doctype"><span class=secno>9.1.1 </span>The
+       <li><a href="#the-doctype"><span class=secno>8.1.1 </span>The
-       <li><a href="#elements1"><span class=secno>9.1.2 </span>Elements</a>
+       <li><a href="#elements1"><span class=secno>8.1.2 </span>Elements</a>
         <ul class=toc>
-         <li><a href="#start"><span class=secno> </span>Start
+         <li><a href="#start"><span class=secno> </span>Start
-         <li><a href="#end-tags"><span class=secno> </span>End
+         <li><a href="#end-tags"><span class=secno> </span>End
-         <li><a href="#attributes1"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#attributes1"><span class=secno>
-         <li><a href="#optional"><span class=secno> </span>Optional
+         <li><a href="#optional"><span class=secno> </span>Optional
-         <li><a href="#element-restrictions"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#element-restrictions"><span class=secno>
           </span>Restrictions on content models</a>
-         <li><a href="#cdata-rcdata-restrictions"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#cdata-rcdata-restrictions"><span class=secno>
           </span>Restrictions on the contents of CDATA and RCDATA
-       <li><a href="#text0"><span class=secno>9.1.3 </span>Text</a>
+       <li><a href="#text0"><span class=secno>8.1.3 </span>Text</a>
         <ul class=toc>
-         <li><a href="#newlines"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#newlines"><span class=secno>
-       <li><a href="#character"><span class=secno>9.1.4 </span>Character
+       <li><a href="#character"><span class=secno>8.1.4 </span>Character
-       <li><a href="#cdata"><span class=secno>9.1.5 </span>CDATA blocks</a>
+       <li><a href="#cdata"><span class=secno>8.1.5 </span>CDATA blocks</a>
-       <li><a href="#comments"><span class=secno>9.1.6 </span>Comments</a>
+       <li><a href="#comments"><span class=secno>8.1.6 </span>Comments</a>
-     <li><a href="#parsing"><span class=secno>9.2 </span>Parsing HTML
+     <li><a href="#parsing"><span class=secno>8.2 </span>Parsing HTML
       <ul class=toc>
-       <li><a href="#overview"><span class=secno>9.2.1 </span>Overview of the
+       <li><a href="#overview"><span class=secno>8.2.1 </span>Overview of the
         parsing model</a>
-       <li><a href="#the-input0"><span class=secno>9.2.2 </span>The input
+       <li><a href="#the-input0"><span class=secno>8.2.2 </span>The input
         <ul class=toc>
-         <li><a href="#determining"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#determining"><span class=secno>
           </span>Determining the character encoding</a>
-         <li><a href="#character0"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#character0"><span class=secno>
           </span>Character encoding requirements</a>
-         <li><a href="#preprocessing"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#preprocessing"><span class=secno>
           </span>Preprocessing the input stream</a>
-         <li><a href="#changing"><span class=secno> </span>Changing
+         <li><a href="#changing"><span class=secno> </span>Changing
           the encoding while parsing</a>
-       <li><a href="#parse"><span class=secno>9.2.3 </span>Parse state</a>
+       <li><a href="#parse"><span class=secno>8.2.3 </span>Parse state</a>
         <ul class=toc>
-         <li><a href="#the-insertion"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-insertion"><span class=secno> </span>The
           insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#the-stack"><span class=secno> </span>The stack
+         <li><a href="#the-stack"><span class=secno> </span>The stack
           of open elements</a>
-         <li><a href="#the-list"><span class=secno> </span>The list
+         <li><a href="#the-list"><span class=secno> </span>The list
           of active formatting elements</a>
-         <li><a href="#the-element"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-element"><span class=secno> </span>The
           element pointers</a>
-         <li><a href="#the-scripting"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-scripting"><span class=secno> </span>The
           scripting state</a>
-       <li><a href="#tokenisation"><span class=secno>9.2.4
+       <li><a href="#tokenisation"><span class=secno>8.2.4
         <ul class=toc>
-         <li><a href="#tokenising"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#tokenising"><span class=secno>
           </span>Tokenising character references</a>
-       <li><a href="#tree-construction"><span class=secno>9.2.5 </span>Tree
+       <li><a href="#tree-construction"><span class=secno>8.2.5 </span>Tree
         <ul class=toc>
-         <li><a href="#creating"><span class=secno> </span>Creating
+         <li><a href="#creating"><span class=secno> </span>Creating
           and inserting elements</a>
-         <li><a href="#closing0"><span class=secno> </span>Closing
+         <li><a href="#closing0"><span class=secno> </span>Closing
           elements that have implied end tags</a>
-         <li><a href="#foster"><span class=secno> </span>Foster
+         <li><a href="#foster"><span class=secno> </span>Foster
-         <li><a href="#the-initial"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-initial"><span class=secno> </span>The
           "initial" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#the-before"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-before"><span class=secno> </span>The
           "before html" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#the-before0"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-before0"><span class=secno> </span>The
           "before head" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inhead"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inhead"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in head" insertion mode</a>
          <li><a href="#parsing-main-inheadnoscript"><span
-          class=secno> </span>The "in head noscript" insertion
+          class=secno> </span>The "in head noscript" insertion
-         <li><a href="#the-after"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-after"><span class=secno> </span>The
           "after head" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inbody"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inbody"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in body" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intable"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intable"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in table" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-incaption"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-incaption"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in caption" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-incolgroup"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-incolgroup"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in column group" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intbody"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intbody"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in table body" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intr"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intr"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in row" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intd"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-intd"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in cell" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inselect"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inselect"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in select" insertion mode</a>
          <li><a href="#parsing-main-inselectintable"><span
-          class=secno> </span>The "in select in table" insertion
+          class=secno> </span>The "in select in table" insertion
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inforeign"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inforeign"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in foreign content" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-afterbody"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-afterbody"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "after body" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inframeset"><span class=secno>
+         <li><a href="#parsing-main-inframeset"><span class=secno>
           </span>The "in frameset" insertion mode</a>
          <li><a href="#parsing-main-afterframeset"><span
-          class=secno> </span>The "after frameset" insertion
+          class=secno> </span>The "after frameset" insertion
-         <li><a href="#the-after0"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-after0"><span class=secno> </span>The
           "after after body" insertion mode</a>
-         <li><a href="#the-after1"><span class=secno> </span>The
+         <li><a href="#the-after1"><span class=secno> </span>The
           "after after frameset" insertion mode</a>
-       <li><a href="#the-end"><span class=secno>9.2.6 </span>The end</a>
+       <li><a href="#the-end"><span class=secno>8.2.6 </span>The end</a>
-     <li><a href="#namespaces"><span class=secno>9.3 </span>Namespaces</a>
+     <li><a href="#namespaces"><span class=secno>8.3 </span>Namespaces</a>
-     <li><a href="#serializing"><span class=secno>9.4 </span>Serializing HTML
+     <li><a href="#serializing"><span class=secno>8.4 </span>Serializing HTML
-     <li><a href="#parsing3"><span class=secno>9.5 </span>Parsing HTML
+     <li><a href="#parsing3"><span class=secno>8.5 </span>Parsing HTML
-     <li><a href="#named"><span class=secno>9.6 </span>Named character
+     <li><a href="#named"><span class=secno>8.6 </span>Named character
-   <li><a href="#rendering"><span class=secno>10. </span>Rendering and
+   <li><a href="#rendering"><span class=secno>9. </span>Rendering and
     user-agent behavior</a>
     <ul class=toc>
-     <li><a href="#rendering0"><span class=secno>10.1 </span>Rendering and
-      the DOM</a>
+     <li><a href="#rendering0"><span class=secno>9.1 </span>Rendering and the
+      DOM</a>
-     <li><a href="#rendering1"><span class=secno>10.2 </span>Rendering and
+     <li><a href="#rendering1"><span class=secno>9.2 </span>Rendering and
       <ul class=toc>
-       <li><a href="#the-icon"><span class=secno>10.2.1 </span>The 'icon'
+       <li><a href="#the-icon"><span class=secno>9.2.1 </span>The 'icon'
-     <li><a href="#obsolete"><span class=secno>10.3 </span>Obsolete elements,
+     <li><a href="#obsolete"><span class=secno>9.3 </span>Obsolete elements,
       attributes, and APIs</a>
       <ul class=toc>
-       <li><a href="#the-body0"><span class=secno>10.3.1 </span>The
+       <li><a href="#the-body0"><span class=secno>9.3.1 </span>The
         <code>body</code> element</a>
-       <li><a href="#the-applet"><span class=secno>10.3.2 </span>The
+       <li><a href="#the-applet"><span class=secno>9.3.2 </span>The
         <code>applet</code> element</a>
-   <li><a href="#no"><span class=secno>11. </span>Things that you can't do
+   <li><a href="#no"><span class=secno>10. </span>Things that you can't do
     with this specification because they are better handled using other
     technologies that are further described herein</a>
     <ul class=toc>
-     <li><a href="#localization"><span class=secno>11.1
+     <li><a href="#localization"><span class=secno>10.1
-     <li><a href="#declarative"><span class=secno>11.2 </span>Declarative 2D
+     <li><a href="#declarative"><span class=secno>10.2 </span>Declarative 2D
       vector graphics and animation</a>
-     <li><a href="#declarative0"><span class=secno>11.3 </span>Declarative 3D
+     <li><a href="#declarative0"><span class=secno>10.3 </span>Declarative 3D
-     <li><a href="#timers"><span class=secno>11.4 </span>Timers</a>
+     <li><a href="#timers"><span class=secno>10.4 </span>Timers</a>
    <li class=no-num><a href="#index">Index</a>
@@ -42270,8 +42270,8 @@
   <p class=big-issue>postMessage() with a pipe isn't yet defined
-  <h2 id=pipe-messaging><span class=secno>8. </span><dfn
-   id=pipe-messaging0>Pipe messaging</dfn></h2>
+  <h3 id=pipe-messaging><span class=secno>7.5 </span><dfn
+   id=pipe-messaging0>Pipe messaging</dfn></h3>
   <p class=big-issue>...
@@ -42294,9 +42294,9 @@
   <p class=big-issue>...
-  <h2 id=syntax><span class=secno>9. </span>The HTML syntax</h2>
+  <h2 id=syntax><span class=secno>8. </span>The HTML syntax</h2>
-  <h3 id=writing0><span class=secno>9.1 </span>Writing HTML documents</h3>
+  <h3 id=writing0><span class=secno>8.1 </span>Writing HTML documents</h3>
   <p><em>This section only applies to documents, authoring tools, and markup
    generators. In particular, it does not apply to conformance checkers;
@@ -42349,7 +42349,7 @@
     element but before the <code><a href="#head">head</a></code> element.</p>
-  <h4 id=the-doctype><span class=secno>9.1.1 </span>The DOCTYPE</h4>
+  <h4 id=the-doctype><span class=secno>8.1.1 </span>The DOCTYPE</h4>
   <p>A <dfn id=doctype title=syntax-doctype>DOCTYPE</dfn> is a mostly
    useless, but required, header.
@@ -42412,7 +42412,7 @@
   <p class=note>In other words, <code><!DOCTYPE HTML></code>,
-  <h4 id=elements1><span class=secno>9.1.2 </span>Elements</h4>
+  <h4 id=elements1><span class=secno>8.1.2 </span>Elements</h4>
   <p>There are five different kinds of <dfn id=elements3
    title=syntax-elements>elements</dfn>: void elements, CDATA elements,
@@ -42527,7 +42527,7 @@
    mix of lower- and uppercase letters that, when converted to all-lowercase,
    matches the element's tag name; tag names are case-insensitive.
-  <h5 id=start><span class=secno> </span>Start tags</h5>
+  <h5 id=start><span class=secno> </span>Start tags</h5>
   <p><dfn id=start6 title=syntax-start-tags>Start tags</dfn> must have the
    following format:
@@ -42562,7 +42562,7 @@
     (<code>></code>) character.
-  <h5 id=end-tags><span class=secno> </span>End tags</h5>
+  <h5 id=end-tags><span class=secno> </span>End tags</h5>
   <p><dfn id=end-tags0 title=syntax-end-tags>End tags</dfn> must have the
    following format:
@@ -42584,7 +42584,7 @@
     (<code>></code>) character.
-  <h5 id=attributes1><span class=secno> </span>Attributes</h5>
+  <h5 id=attributes1><span class=secno> </span>Attributes</h5>
   <p><dfn id=attributes2 title=syntax-attributes>Attributes</dfn> for an
    element are expressed inside the element's start tag.
@@ -42712,7 +42712,7 @@
      href="#space">space character</a> separating the two.</p>
-  <h5 id=optional><span class=secno> </span>Optional tags</h5>
+  <h5 id=optional><span class=secno> </span>Optional tags</h5>
   <p>Certain tags can be <dfn id=omitted
@@ -42909,7 +42909,7 @@
   <p><strong>However</strong>, a <span title=syntax-start-tag>start
    tag</span> must never be omitted if it has any attributes.
-  <h5 id=element-restrictions><span class=secno> </span>Restrictions
+  <h5 id=element-restrictions><span class=secno> </span>Restrictions
    on content models</h5>
   <p>For historical reasons, certain elements have extra restrictions beyond
@@ -42946,7 +42946,7 @@
-  <h5 id=cdata-rcdata-restrictions><span class=secno>
+  <h5 id=cdata-rcdata-restrictions><span class=secno>
    </span>Restrictions on the contents of CDATA and RCDATA elements</h5>
   <p>The text in CDATA and RCDATA elements must not contain any occurrences
@@ -42988,7 +42988,7 @@
    that is not followed by an <a href="#escaping1"
    title=syntax-escape-end>escaping text span end</a>.
-  <h4 id=text0><span class=secno>9.1.3 </span>Text</h4>
+  <h4 id=text0><span class=secno>8.1.3 </span>Text</h4>
   <p><dfn id=text2 title=syntax-text>Text</dfn> is allowed inside elements,
    attributes, and comments. Text must consist of Unicode characters. Text
@@ -42998,14 +42998,14 @@
    Extra constraints are placed on what is and what is not allowed in text
    based on where the text is to be put, as described in the other sections.
-  <h5 id=newlines><span class=secno> </span>Newlines</h5>
+  <h5 id=newlines><span class=secno> </span>Newlines</h5>
   <p><dfn id=newlines0 title=syntax-newlines>Newlines</dfn> in HTML may be
    represented either as U+000D CARRIAGE RETURN (CR) characters, U+000A LINE
    FEED (LF) characters, or pairs of U+000D CARRIAGE RETURN (CR), U+000A LINE
    FEED (LF) characters in that order.
-  <h4 id=character><span class=secno>9.1.4 </span>Character references</h4>
+  <h4 id=character><span class=secno>8.1.4 </span>Character references</h4>
   <p>In certain cases described in other sections, <a href="#text2"
    title=syntax-text>text</a> may be mixed with <dfn id=character3
@@ -43055,7 +43055,7 @@
    a <a href="#space">space character</a>, a U+003C LESS-THAN SIGN character
    ('<'), or another U+0026 AMPERSAND (<code>&</code>) character.
-  <h4 id=cdata><span class=secno>9.1.5 </span>CDATA blocks</h4>
+  <h4 id=cdata><span class=secno>8.1.5 </span>CDATA blocks</h4>
   <p><dfn id=cdata0 title=syntax-cdata>CDATA blocks</dfn> must start with the
    character sequence U+003C LESS-THAN SIGN, U+0021 EXCLAMATION MARK, U+005B
@@ -43071,7 +43071,7 @@
-  <h4 id=comments><span class=secno>9.1.6 </span>Comments</h4>
+  <h4 id=comments><span class=secno>8.1.6 </span>Comments</h4>
   <p><dfn id=comments0 title=syntax-comments>Comments</dfn> must start with
    the four character sequence U+003C LESS-THAN SIGN, U+0021 EXCLAMATION
@@ -43087,7 +43087,7 @@
    three character sequence U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS, U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS, U+003E
    GREATER-THAN SIGN (<code title="">--></code>).
-  <h3 id=parsing><span class=secno>9.2 </span>Parsing HTML documents</h3>
+  <h3 id=parsing><span class=secno>8.2 </span>Parsing HTML documents</h3>
   <p><em>This section only applies to user agents, data mining tools, and
    conformance checkers.</em>
@@ -43144,7 +43144,7 @@
    also verify that the document obeys all the other conformance requirements
    described in this specification.
-  <h4 id=overview><span class=secno>9.2.1 </span>Overview of the parsing
+  <h4 id=overview><span class=secno>8.2.1 </span>Overview of the parsing
   <p>The input to the HTML parsing process consists of a stream of Unicode
@@ -43184,7 +43184,7 @@
-  <h4 id=the-input0><span class=secno>9.2.2 </span>The <dfn id=input0>input
+  <h4 id=the-input0><span class=secno>8.2.2 </span>The <dfn id=input0>input
   <p>The stream of Unicode characters that consists the input to the
@@ -43198,7 +43198,7 @@
    determine the character encoding is given by the XML specification. This
    section does not apply to XML documents. <a href="#refsXML">[XML]</a>
-  <h5 id=determining><span class=secno> </span>Determining the
+  <h5 id=determining><span class=secno> </span>Determining the
    character encoding</h5>
   <p>In some cases, it might be impractical to unambiguously determine the
@@ -43624,7 +43624,7 @@
    time as the user agent uses the returned value to select the decoder to
    use for the input stream.
-  <h5 id=character0><span class=secno> </span>Character encoding
+  <h5 id=character0><span class=secno> </span>Character encoding
   <p>User agents must at a minimum support the UTF-8 and Windows-1252
@@ -43774,7 +43774,7 @@
    UTF-32 in its algorithms; support and use of UTF-32 can thus lead to
    unexpected behavior in implementations of this specification.
-  <h5 id=preprocessing><span class=secno> </span>Preprocessing the
+  <h5 id=preprocessing><span class=secno> </span>Preprocessing the
    input stream</h5>
   <p>Given an encoding, the bytes in the input stream must be converted to
@@ -43846,7 +43846,7 @@
    method) is consumed. Otherwise, the "EOF" character is not a real
    character in the stream, but rather the lack of any further characters.
-  <h5 id=changing><span class=secno> </span>Changing the encoding
+  <h5 id=changing><span class=secno> </span>Changing the encoding
    while parsing</h5>
   <p>When the parser requires the user agent to <dfn id=change>change the
@@ -43889,9 +43889,9 @@
     the document is marked as not being cacheable.
-  <h4 id=parse><span class=secno>9.2.3 </span>Parse state</h4>
+  <h4 id=parse><span class=secno>8.2.3 </span>Parse state</h4>
-  <h5 id=the-insertion><span class=secno> </span>The insertion mode</h5>
+  <h5 id=the-insertion><span class=secno> </span>The insertion mode</h5>
   <p>Initially the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#initial"
    title="insertion mode: initial">initial</a>". It can change to "<a
@@ -44055,7 +44055,7 @@
    <li>Return to step 3.
-  <h5 id=the-stack><span class=secno> </span>The stack of open
+  <h5 id=the-stack><span class=secno> </span>The stack of open
   <p>Initially the <dfn id=stack>stack of open elements</dfn> is empty. The
@@ -44274,7 +44274,7 @@
    misnested formatting elements</a>), the stack is manipulated in a
    random-access fashion.
-  <h5 id=the-list><span class=secno> </span>The list of active
+  <h5 id=the-list><span class=secno> </span>The list of active
    formatting elements</h5>
   <p>Initially the <dfn id=list-of4>list of active formatting elements</dfn>
@@ -44364,7 +44364,7 @@
    <li>Go to step 1.
-  <h5 id=the-element><span class=secno> </span>The element pointers</h5>
+  <h5 id=the-element><span class=secno> </span>The element pointers</h5>
   <p>Initially the <dfn id=head-element><code title="">head</code> element
    pointer</dfn> and the <dfn id=form-element><code title="">form</code>
@@ -44380,14 +44380,14 @@
    associate with forms in the face of dramatically bad markup, for
    historical reasons.
-  <h5 id=the-scripting><span class=secno> </span>The scripting state</h5>
+  <h5 id=the-scripting><span class=secno> </span>The scripting state</h5>
   <p>The <dfn id=scripting2>scripting flag</dfn> is set to "enabled" if the
    <code>Document</code> with which the parser is associated was <a
    href="#with-script">with script</a> when the parser was created, and
    "disabled" otherwise.
-  <h4 id=tokenisation><span class=secno>9.2.4 </span><dfn
+  <h4 id=tokenisation><span class=secno>8.2.4 </span><dfn
   <p>Implementations must act as if they used the following state machine to
@@ -45817,7 +45817,7 @@
     <p>If the end of the file was reached, reconsume the EOF character.</p>
-  <h5 id=tokenising><span class=secno> </span>Tokenising character
+  <h5 id=tokenising><span class=secno> </span>Tokenising character
   <p>This section defines how to <dfn id=consume>consume a character
@@ -46202,7 +46202,7 @@
-  <h4 id=tree-construction><span class=secno>9.2.5 </span><dfn
+  <h4 id=tree-construction><span class=secno>8.2.5 </span><dfn
    id=tree-construction0>Tree construction</dfn></h4>
   <p>The input to the tree construction stage is a sequence of tokens from
@@ -46250,7 +46250,7 @@
    href="#hardwareLimitations">practical concerns</a> will likely force user
    agents to impose nesting depths.
-  <h5 id=creating><span class=secno> </span>Creating and inserting
+  <h5 id=creating><span class=secno> </span>Creating and inserting
   <p>When the steps below require the UA to <dfn id=create title="create an
@@ -46544,7 +46544,7 @@
      this is a <a href="#parse2">parse error</a>.
-  <h5 id=closing0><span class=secno> </span>Closing elements that
+  <h5 id=closing0><span class=secno> </span>Closing elements that
    have implied end tags</h5>
   <p>When the steps below require the UA to <dfn id=generate>generate implied
@@ -46561,7 +46561,7 @@
    element to exclude from the process, then the UA must perform the above
    steps as if that element was not in the above list.
-  <h5 id=foster><span class=secno> </span>Foster parenting</h5>
+  <h5 id=foster><span class=secno> </span>Foster parenting</h5>
   <p>Foster parenting happens when content is misnested in tables.
@@ -46602,7 +46602,7 @@
    <em>appended</em> to the <i><a href="#foster1">foster parent
-  <h5 id=the-initial><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=initial
+  <h5 id=the-initial><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=initial
    title="insertion mode: initial">initial</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#initial"
@@ -46908,7 +46908,7 @@
      current token.</p>
-  <h5 id=the-before><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=before4
+  <h5 id=the-before><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=before4
    title="insertion mode: before html">before html</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#before4"
@@ -46984,7 +46984,7 @@
    content continues being appended to the nodes as described in the next
-  <h5 id=the-before0><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=before5
+  <h5 id=the-before0><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=before5
    title="insertion mode: before head">before head</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#before5"
@@ -47054,7 +47054,7 @@
      after head">after head</a>" <span>insertion mode</span>.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-inhead><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-inhead><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-head title="insertion mode: in head">in head</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#in-head"
@@ -47299,7 +47299,7 @@
      get put into the head. Do we want to copy that?</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-inheadnoscript><span class=secno> </span>The
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-inheadnoscript><span class=secno> </span>The
    "<dfn id=in-head0 title="insertion mode: in head noscript">in head
    noscript</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
@@ -47365,7 +47365,7 @@
      name "noscript" had been seen and reprocess the current token.</p>
-  <h5 id=the-after><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=after4
+  <h5 id=the-after><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=after4
    title="insertion mode: after head">after head</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#after4"
@@ -47449,7 +47449,7 @@
      had been seen, and then reprocess the current token.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-inbody><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-inbody><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-body title="insertion mode: in body">in body</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#in-body"
@@ -48601,7 +48601,7 @@
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-intable><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-intable><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-table title="insertion mode: in table">in table</dfn>" insertion
@@ -48786,7 +48786,7 @@
    href="#html">html</a></code> element after this process is a <a
    href="#fragment">fragment case</a>.
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-incaption><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-incaption><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-caption title="insertion mode: in caption">in caption</dfn>"
    insertion mode</h5>
@@ -48849,7 +48849,7 @@
      <span>insertion mode</span>.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-incolgroup><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-incolgroup><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-column title="insertion mode: in column group">in column
    group</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
@@ -48934,7 +48934,7 @@
      href="#fragment">fragment case</a>.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-intbody><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-intbody><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-table0 title="insertion mode: in table body">in table body</dfn>"
    insertion mode</h5>
@@ -49024,7 +49024,7 @@
    href="#html">html</a></code> element after this process is a <a
    href="#fragment">fragment case</a>.
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-intr><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-intr><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-row title="insertion mode: in row">in row</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#in-row"
@@ -49113,7 +49113,7 @@
    href="#html">html</a></code> element after this process is a <a
    href="#fragment">fragment case</a>.
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-intd><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-intd><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-cell title="insertion mode: in cell">in cell</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
   <p>When the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#in-cell"
@@ -49214,7 +49214,7 @@
    neither when the <span>insertion mode</span> is "<a href="#in-cell"
    title="insertion mode: in cell">in cell</a>".
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-inselect><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-inselect><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-select title="insertion mode: in select">in select</dfn>" insertion
@@ -49336,7 +49336,7 @@
     <p><a href="#parse2">Parse error</a>. Ignore the token.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-inselectintable><span class=secno> </span>The
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-inselectintable><span class=secno> </span>The
    "<dfn id=in-select0 title="insertion mode: in select in table">in select
    in table</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
@@ -49372,7 +49372,7 @@
      <span>insertion mode</span>.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-inforeign><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-inforeign><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-foreign title="insertion mode: in foreign content">in foreign
    content</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
@@ -49549,7 +49549,7 @@
      flag">acknowledge the token's <i>self-closing flag</i></a>.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-afterbody><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-afterbody><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=after5 title="insertion mode: after body">after body</dfn>" insertion
@@ -49613,7 +49613,7 @@
      body</a>" and reprocess the token.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-inframeset><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-inframeset><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn
    id=in-frameset title="insertion mode: in frameset">in frameset</dfn>"
    insertion mode</h5>
@@ -49708,7 +49708,7 @@
     <p><a href="#parse2">Parse error</a>. Ignore the token.</p>
-  <h5 id=parsing-main-afterframeset><span class=secno> </span>The
+  <h5 id=parsing-main-afterframeset><span class=secno> </span>The
    "<dfn id=after6 title="insertion mode: after frameset">after
    frameset</dfn>" insertion mode</h5>
@@ -49773,7 +49773,7 @@
    that do support frames but want to show the NOFRAMES content. Supporting
    the former is easy; supporting the latter is harder.
-  <h5 id=the-after0><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=after7
+  <h5 id=the-after0><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=after7
    title="insertion mode: after after body">after after body</dfn>" insertion
@@ -49815,7 +49815,7 @@
      body</a>" and reprocess the token.</p>
-  <h5 id=the-after1><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=after8
+  <h5 id=the-after1><span class=secno> </span>The "<dfn id=after8
    title="insertion mode: after after frameset">after after frameset</dfn>"
    insertion mode</h5>
@@ -49857,7 +49857,7 @@
      frameset">in frameset</a>" and reprocess the token.</p>
-  <h4 id=the-end><span class=secno>9.2.6 </span>The end</h4>
+  <h4 id=the-end><span class=secno>8.2.6 </span>The end</h4>
   <p>Once the user agent <dfn id=stops title="stop parsing">stops
    parsing</dfn> the document, the user agent must follow the steps in this
@@ -49969,7 +49969,7 @@
 /parser/htmlparser/src/nsElementTable.cpp, line 1901 - // Ex: <H1><LI><H1><LI>. Inner LI has the potential of getting nested
-  <h3 id=namespaces><span class=secno>9.3 </span>Namespaces</h3>
+  <h3 id=namespaces><span class=secno>8.3 </span>Namespaces</h3>
   <p>The <dfn id=html-namespace0>HTML namespace</dfn> is:
@@ -49989,7 +49989,7 @@
   <p>The <dfn id=xmlns>XMLNS namespace</dfn> is:
-  <h3 id=serializing><span class=secno>9.4 </span>Serializing HTML fragments</h3>
+  <h3 id=serializing><span class=secno>8.4 </span>Serializing HTML fragments</h3>
   <p>The following steps form the <dfn id=html-fragment>HTML fragment
    serialization algorithm</dfn>. The algorithm takes as input a DOM
@@ -50185,7 +50185,7 @@
    element's <span title=syntax-start-tag>start tag</span> would imply the
    end tag for the <code><a href="#p">p</a></code>).
-  <h3 id=parsing3><span class=secno>9.5 </span>Parsing HTML fragments</h3>
+  <h3 id=parsing3><span class=secno>8.5 </span>Parsing HTML fragments</h3>
   <p>The following steps form the <dfn id=html-fragment0>HTML fragment
    parsing algorithm</dfn>. The algorithm takes as input a DOM
@@ -50292,7 +50292,7 @@
      document order.</p>
-  <h3 id=named><span class=secno>9.6 </span><dfn id=named0>Named character
+  <h3 id=named><span class=secno>8.6 </span><dfn id=named0>Named character
   <p>This table lists the character reference names that are supported by
@@ -52455,7 +52455,7 @@
-  <h2 id=rendering><span class=secno>10. </span>Rendering and user-agent
+  <h2 id=rendering><span class=secno>9. </span>Rendering and user-agent
   <!-- XXX
@@ -52549,7 +52549,7 @@
   <p class=big-issue>Must define that in CSS, tag names in HTML documents,
    and class names in quirks mode documents, are case-insensitive.
-  <h3 id=rendering0><span class=secno>10.1 </span>Rendering and the DOM</h3>
+  <h3 id=rendering0><span class=secno>9.1 </span>Rendering and the DOM</h3>
   <p class=big-issue>This section is wrong. mediaMode will end up on Window,
    I think. All views implement Window.
@@ -52581,10 +52581,9 @@
    currently to enumerate all the views.</p>
   <!-- XXX examples! -->
-  <h3 id=rendering1><span class=secno>10.2 </span>Rendering and
-   menus/toolbars</h3>
+  <h3 id=rendering1><span class=secno>9.2 </span>Rendering and menus/toolbars</h3>
-  <h4 id=the-icon><span class=secno>10.2.1 </span>The 'icon' property</h4>
+  <h4 id=the-icon><span class=secno>9.2.1 </span>The 'icon' property</h4>
   <p>UAs should use the command's Icon as the default generic icon provided
    by the user agent when the 'icon' property computes to 'auto' on an
@@ -52592,10 +52591,10 @@
    title=command-attribute>command</code> attribute, but when the property
    computes to an actual image, it should use that image instead.
-  <h3 id=obsolete><span class=secno>10.3 </span>Obsolete elements,
-   attributes, and APIs</h3>
+  <h3 id=obsolete><span class=secno>9.3 </span>Obsolete elements, attributes,
+   and APIs</h3>
-  <h4 id=the-body0><span class=secno>10.3.1 </span>The <code><a
+  <h4 id=the-body0><span class=secno>9.3.1 </span>The <code><a
    href="#body0">body</a></code> element</h4>
   <p class=big-issue>Need to define the content attributes in terms of CSS or
@@ -52680,7 +52679,7 @@
    href="#reflect">reflect</a> the element's <code
    title=attr-body-vlink>vlink</code> content attribute.
-  <h4 id=the-applet><span class=secno>10.3.2 </span>The <dfn
+  <h4 id=the-applet><span class=secno>9.3.2 </span>The <dfn
    id=applet><code>applet</code></dfn> element</h4>
   <p>The <code><a href="#applet">applet</a></code> element is a Java-specific
@@ -52708,7 +52707,7 @@
    rooted at the <code>Document</code> node, whose filter matches only
    <code><a href="#applet">applet</a></code> elements.
-  <h2 id=no><span class=secno>11. </span>Things that you can't do with this
+  <h2 id=no><span class=secno>10. </span>Things that you can't do with this
    specification because they are better handled using other technologies
    that are further described herein</h2>
@@ -52719,7 +52718,7 @@
    because the features exist in other languages that can be integrated into
    this one. This section covers some of the more common requests.
-  <h3 id=localization><span class=secno>11.1 </span>Localization</h3>
+  <h3 id=localization><span class=secno>10.1 </span>Localization</h3>
   <p>If you wish to create localized versions of an HTML application, the
    best solution is to preprocess the files on the server, and then use HTTP
@@ -52727,19 +52726,19 @@
   <!-- <p>XXX example here</p> -->
   <!--XXXSVG (remove next section)-->
-  <h3 id=declarative><span class=secno>11.2 </span>Declarative 2D vector
+  <h3 id=declarative><span class=secno>10.2 </span>Declarative 2D vector
    graphics and animation</h3>
   <p>Embedding vector graphics into XHTML documents is the domain of SVG.</p>
   <!-- <p>XXX example here</p> -->
-  <h3 id=declarative0><span class=secno>11.3 </span>Declarative 3D scenes</h3>
+  <h3 id=declarative0><span class=secno>10.3 </span>Declarative 3D scenes</h3>
   <p>Embedding 3D imagery into XHTML documents is the domain of X3D, or
    technologies based on X3D that are namespace-aware.</p>
   <!-- <p>XXX example here</p> -->
-  <h3 id=timers><span class=secno>11.4 </span>Timers</h3>
+  <h3 id=timers><span class=secno>10.4 </span>Timers</h3>
   <p>This section is expected to be moved to the Window Object specification
    in due course.

Modified: source
--- source	2008-07-11 09:33:33 UTC (rev 1861)
+++ source	2008-07-11 09:35:00 UTC (rev 1862)
@@ -39967,7 +39967,7 @@
-  <h2><dfn>Pipe messaging</dfn></h2>
+  <h3><dfn>Pipe messaging</dfn></h3>
   <p class="big-issue">...</p>

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