[html5] Grid Tag

Paul Rogers prrogers at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 15:19:01 PDT 2007

The Table tag has served as a kind of grid for a long time. However, It
is difficult and confusing trying to span cells and load data in cells
in unconventional ways. It would be nice if there were a new, similar
tag named "grid" with cells that could be created and managed using cell
indexes (numeric, id strings, DOM id's).

For example:
<cell x="10" y="1">ten, one</cell>
<cell x="1" y="10">one, ten</cell>
<cell x="right" y="top">right, top</cell>

Or perhaps:
<cl id="futureContent"/>

If adding such a tag is too much, then perhaps just simplifying the
construction and management of grid-like tables would help.

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