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Master Leep dojo at masterleep.com
Fri Aug 10 10:54:42 PDT 2007

> > This could be accomplished with just an iframe is there was a way to
> > make <iframe> size itself automatically according to the its contents.
> >  I've mentioned this before.  Regarding "replaced elements", CSS
> > doesn't say anything regarding the integral dimensions of an <iframe>.
> >  Most browsers (all graphical browsers?) just assign a default height
> > and width if none are specified on an <iframe>.  If HTML could define
> > the integral dimensions of an iframe to auto-fit its contents, that
> > would be nice.  Even if that required an extra attribute on the
> > <iframe> I'd be for it.
> The thing with an iframe is: it has it's own global context (an other
> window object), and it's a different document. This has it advantages
> and disadvantages.
> The "replace" pattern I described here is actually used a lot. Ruby on
> Rails uses it a lot, iUI provides for it (fetching the next 10
> elements).

What Jon suggests is more what I had in mind - basically an iframe which can
be laid out in the document flow like a regular div.

I didn't fully understand the suggestion about replacement.  My intention
was that the inclusion would be automatic and not in response to user
actions.  Wouldn't it be simpler and more direct to use an iframe since that
seems to be what the element is intended for?  Were you suggesting that
replacement is supported by HTML5 as it stands now?
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