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On 8/2/07, Jon Barnett <jonbarnett at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/2/07, doekman at gmail.com <doekman at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 7/14/07, Master Leep <dojo at masterleep.com> wrote:
> This could be accomplished with just an iframe is there was a way to
> make <iframe> size itself automatically according to the its contents.
>  I've mentioned this before.  Regarding "replaced elements", CSS
> doesn't say anything regarding the integral dimensions of an <iframe>.
>  Most browsers (all graphical browsers?) just assign a default height
> and width if none are specified on an <iframe>.  If HTML could define
> the integral dimensions of an iframe to auto-fit its contents, that
> would be nice.  Even if that required an extra attribute on the
> <iframe> I'd be for it.

The thing with an iframe is: it has it's own global context (an other
window object), and it's a different document. This has it advantages
and disadvantages.

The "replace" pattern I described here is actually used a lot. Ruby on
Rails uses it a lot, iUI provides for it (fetching the next 10

> Auto-sizing an iframe is fairly difficult to do with javascript, and
> pretty much impossible if the embedded document is on a different
> domain as the parent document.

True, but why do you want an iframe for this. What things can you
accomplish, you can't do with a replace-innerHTML-with-contents.

The only use-case I've seen (I'm sure there are more) for iframes is
for widgets having their own "namespace" (like google gadgets or
whatever they're called, and others).

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