[html5] Tons of stuff thrown out

Keryx Web webmaster at keryx.se
Tue Aug 14 02:35:21 PDT 2007

>> Will this alter the idea of not having point releases?

Ian Hickson skrev:

> I'm not sure what you mean.

Molly: “PLACE new features in another release, perhaps a point release”

You: — We are nearing feature freeze, so new features will soon start 
being placed in a future release. This has already happened with Web 
Forms 2; new forms suggestions are all being filed away under the banner 
of Web Forms 3.

"Feature freeze". Web Forms 2 vz 3.

It sounds like a point release to me.

In the FAQ at http://blog.whatwg.org/faq/#schedule it talks about 
"maturity levels" for different sections. To me that sounds like a 
slightly different concept.

Lars Gunther

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