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as an outsider following the discussions <dialog> feels the most intuitive, it also translates quite well to a number of languages: http://translate.reference.com/browse/dialog



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The definition of dialog is very similar to that of conversation, and both definitions are wide enough anyway.  I think <conversation> is a good looking tag ;-).

On the other hand, dialog sounds better than talking, but there is a more important reason for not using <dialog/> (discussed, off course, especially for those having some previous XUL experience).


On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 11:25 AM, Smylers <Smylers at stripey.com> wrote:

	James Craig writes:
	> Ian Hickson wrote:
	> > Cool, thanks. I wouldn't mind changing the HTML5 element's name, but
	> > we had a discussion at one point where we considered something like
	> > two  dozen names and frankly <dialog> was the best one of the lot.
	> Do you remember the other names?
	* <dialogue> (too confusing to have homophones)
	* <conversation> (but it might not be)
	* <converse> (imperitive rather than noun)
	* <convo> (but might not be a conversation>
	* <cl> (not intuitive)
	* <discussion> (but it might not be)
	* <discourse> (too many other meanings)
	* <transcript> (but things other than dialogue have transcripts>
	* <speech> (misinterpretable as _a_ speech, that is a monologue)
	* <talk> (misinterpretable a _a_ talk, that is a presentation (slides?))
	* <talking> (Ian preferred <dialog>)

	> To avoid bloat and since 'dl' was originally intended for any paired
	> list, including dialogs[1], perhaps it should be left as a simple 'dl',
	<dl> is now being defined as a list of associations between names and
	values.  That doesn't quite work in a conversation where people speak on
	multiple distinct occasions.
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