[html5] Author of a quote - how to mark up?

Samer Ziadeh samerziadeh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 03:05:14 PDT 2009

> > It was just logical to me that if you are able to markup quotes then you
> > should be able to mark up its author too.
> Why? What problem does it solve?
> I think it helps the movement towards a semantic web, or am I thinking
about it the wrong way? I agree too that if we markup a quote then there
should be an author tag.
But I've also been thinking about this topic, and I think that microdata
will be more reasonable to linking an author with it's quote, or whatever it
is. Because the author tag by itself won't necessarily mean that this is the
author of that text in that element unless we further mark it up with
microdata. So even if we have an author element we'll need to link it
somehow to the author's work.
I hope I made sense.

Samer Ziadeh

"Let It Be"
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