[html5] Introduction and the Web Platform Forum

Vahagn Hayrapetyan vahagnh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 03:11:36 PST 2009


my name's Vahagn, I'm a developer (Ruby, Rails, Web Standards) new to this
forum. Last couple of weeks I have been busy with putting together a forum
where developers could discuss HTML5, CSS3, and the like. This was before I
learned about the existence of this list.

I'd really like to receive some feedback on the project. On one hand, it was
never an intention of mine to sabotage the existing discussions (like the
ones happening on this list). On the other hand, when I searched for "HTML5
forum" on Google, nothing usable came up. So I thought why not go ahead and
create one. The sooner the developers start talking about this brave new
world, the better.

So what do you think - is the forum a good idea or is it redundant? Here's
the link:

and the motivation behind:

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