[html5] Is <aside> suitable for an advertising in <article>?

Futomi Hatano info at html5.jp
Thu Oct 8 10:55:10 PDT 2009


I'm a little confused about using <aside> for an advertising such as Google AdSense.
The spec says that <aside> can be used for advertising.
But the example code in the spec says:
"it would be wrong, for instance, to put the blogroll here, since the blogroll isn't really related to this post specifically, only to the page as a whole"

If I want to include an advertising in a blog post (<article>), can I use <aside> for that?
I think that <aside> is most suitable element for this case, because screen readers can decide that it is not important for the article.
But the example in the spec seems to say "no", as the blogroll is similar to the advertising.

Thank you.

Futomi Hatano

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