[html5] Is <aside> suitable for an advertising in <article>?

Futomi Hatano info at html5.jp
Thu Oct 8 16:50:21 PDT 2009

On Thu, 8 Oct 2009 14:13:46 -0400 Chris Cressman <chris at chriscressman.com> wrote:
> The text you are citing from the spec is from an explanation of
> _where_ the aside element should be placed when used. You should put
> an <aside> in a an <article> only if the advertisement applies
> specifically to that blog post (e.g. each blog post has its own
> advertisement). Alternatively, If the advertisement is a site-wide ad
> (e.g. an advertising section in a sidebar), the <aside> should go
> directly in <body> or in an appropriate <section>, not within an
> <article>.

Thank you for your advice.
I would like to clarify more.
Could you please see this page as a example.
This page includes single article and "Ads by Google" below it.
I think that <article> is appropriate for the article, if this page would be change to HTML5.
Should "Ads by Google" be outside of <article> for the article?
In this case, is "Ads by Google" related to the article or the page or the site?

Futomi Hatano

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