[html5] Author of a quote - how to mark up?

Jacob Kristensen - (BlueBoden) admin at blueboden.com
Thu Sep 3 17:58:54 PDT 2009

How do you intend to deal with "duplicates" ? Because that would require Authors to sign up in some sort of online database, and submit their Articles, blog posts, or whatever through that. Something which most likely wont even bother to do in the first place.

Above is about the only way to make absolutly sure, that the Author is real, and not some spammer copying articles from another website, or something entirely different.

This however created another problem, because you cant allow two Authors by the same name. That would require some sort of numbering, people generally don't bother to type in numeric IDs when searching for something, unless they are "nerds". That defeats the search related purposes of the Author element right there. It would however still be a help to screen readers, given the developers would support it. And it would be less complicated then microformats. Most web-designers don't even know about Microformats yet, let alone how to use them.

Finally most Authors are using some sort of Alias, its just a part of their online marketing. It would be really smart to make sure the chosen Alias is unique, and not in use by anyone else. This will allow people to easily find stuff you wrote online, simply by searching on your Alias in Google.

Some helpful commands would be to quote the name you are searching for. And in other cases simply put a plus in front of the name, since google behaves idiotic sometimes, by seperating single words (using a plus in front of the string avoids this problem).

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> On Thu, 3 Sep 2009, Samer Ziadeh wrote:
>> Sorry, it could be used for different use cases, for example if someone 
>> wants to search for a blog post by a certain authors. Like there are 
>> many blogs that have mutliple authors, like tutsplus for example has 
>> different authors. Let's say you wanna read some of the works of this 
>> author John Doe, you would do a search on Google for example 
>> "author:John+Doe", and Google in that case would've already implemented 
>> the convention of picking up author tags. I can see it being useful.
> But that would also bring up blogs that just happen to quote that person, 
> rather than just blogs they've written, no?
> Is Google interested in implementing such a feature? Do they think that an 
> element to do this is a better solution than whatever mechanism they use 
> now for, for example, determining what date a page is about?
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