[html5] Browser MIME Type Support for Video

Zachary Ozer zach at longtailvideo.com
Fri Aug 27 11:25:47 PDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

I have a quick question about browser video support. There's a lot of
documentation available about which codecs are supported by which
browsers, but very little about the container formats. I'm interested
in this because I'm trying to create a mapping table between file
extensions and the MIME type (so that I can set the type parameter for
<source> elements when publishers fail to do so). Here's what I have
so far:

3gp: video/3gpp
3gpp: video/3gpp
3g2: video/3gpp2
3gpp2: video/3gpp2
aac: audio/aac
flv: video/x-flv
f4a: audio/mp4
f4b: audio/mp4
f4p: video/mp4
f4v: video/mp4
mov: video/quicktime
m4a: audio/mp4
m4b: audio/mp4
m4p: audio/mp4
m4v: video/mp4
mkv: video/x-matroska
mp4: video/mp4
mp3: audio/mp3
ogg: audio/ogg
ogv: video/ogg
webm: video/webm

I guess what I'm wondering is, does this correlate to what the
browsers would expect to be playing for a given file extention under
normal circumstances?

Any guidance y'all can provide is greatly appreciated.



Zachary Ozer
Developer, LongTail Video

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