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>Today's Topics:
>   1. General consensus on HTML 5 readiness (Myers, Jay)
>Message: 1
>Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 09:58:07 -0600
>From: "Myers, Jay" <Jay.Myers at bestbuy.com>
>To: <help at lists.whatwg.org>
>Subject: [html5] General consensus on HTML 5 readiness
>	<F58356EA546E1344BEFB60EE75511D3901ACBE4C at rsp65mail.na.bestbuy.com>
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>I'm looking to get some feedback from those of you currently utilizing
>the new HTML 5 spec. We are testing the new HTML 5 DOCTYPE in our
>development environment, the plan being to introduce it to our
>production environment in an upcoming release. This is part of an
>overall plan to gradually introduce the new spec on our large ecommerce
>web site -- we probably won't be using many of the new elements right
>away, but our release schedule is somewhat limited, so we'd like to
>start with a DOCTYPE change which would then give us the ability in the
>future to take advantage of new HTML 5 features (specifically Microdata
>or new RDFa spec).
>In your professional opinion(s) and considering the state of the spec as
>it exists today, would you make DOCTYPE changes to support HTML 5? Is
>anyone experiencing significant roadblocks?
>Jay Myers
>Lead Web Development Engineer
>Online Solutions, BestBuy.com
>jay.myers at bestbuy.com
>(w) 612-291-4007
>(c) 612-296-5836
>(twitter) @jaymyers
>(skype) jaymmyers
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