[html5] General consensus on HTML 5 readiness

Myers, Jay Jay.Myers at bestbuy.com
Thu Jan 14 07:58:07 PST 2010


I'm looking to get some feedback from those of you currently utilizing
the new HTML 5 spec. We are testing the new HTML 5 DOCTYPE in our
development environment, the plan being to introduce it to our
production environment in an upcoming release. This is part of an
overall plan to gradually introduce the new spec on our large ecommerce
web site -- we probably won't be using many of the new elements right
away, but our release schedule is somewhat limited, so we'd like to
start with a DOCTYPE change which would then give us the ability in the
future to take advantage of new HTML 5 features (specifically Microdata
or new RDFa spec).

In your professional opinion(s) and considering the state of the spec as
it exists today, would you make DOCTYPE changes to support HTML 5? Is
anyone experiencing significant roadblocks?



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