[html5] about html5 iframe (2 questions)

Stefano Gargiulo rastrano at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 11:57:30 PDT 2010

1) Does the sandboxed="allow-same-origin" attribute allows me to 
navigating (reading) into thirdy party sites iframe content (cross 
domain)?  e.g. query for a div element in the iframe and bring the data 
in it into the parent window? it would be awesome.

2) Don't you think that an attribute like: 
"enforce-browser-address-bar-info" colud be useful for https iframes 
(e.g. to implement federated SSO login for ajax webapplications without 
losing the dhtml page state)?
     i think that this attribute should impose the browser to put the 
ssl certificate info and the complete url of the iframe element into the 
main address bar in addition to the parent window one.

in my opinion point 2 is a need of future webapps.

Best regards,

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