[html5] Toolbars in pages

a2h a2h at live.com.au
Thu Mar 18 04:13:58 PDT 2010

I am working on a CMS with a toolbar up the top as well, and I use an 
<aside>. When I think about it, <sidebar> could also make sense, but since 
it's detached from the rest of the page I settled with <aside>.

Elements simply for purposes like wrapping, if I recall correctly, should be 

Then again, I haven't read over the specs meticulously, and I haven't read 
them for a few months or so now, so I may be wrong in my choices. If that's 
the case someone feel free to correct me.


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Subject: [html5] Toolbars in pages

> Hi everyone,
> The discussion on page as an element made think: What about CMS toolbars?
> If you have a toolbar at the top with functional links like edit, change 
> layout etc, things that act on what will be the published page, what 
> element should that go in?
> Also, is there an element that would be suitable for wrapping around the 
> 'page'? A wrapper element is needed to prevent style/DOM clashes with the 
> toolbar at the top.
> Kind regards,
> -Alastair
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