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Patrick Perroud pperroud at overliner.com
Thu Mar 18 06:35:32 PDT 2010

On 17 Mar 2010, at 19:33 , designer wrote:

> Well, the first thing that a vast number of designers would do is to add a <div id="wrapper"> to that structure, to define the start and end of the 'page' and its characteristics. As web designers, we are concerned with making 'pages', and it seems strange that we don't have an inbuilt tag to which we can assign CSS to describe its appearance. Doesn't it?
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I don't think "page" would be the correct terminology for this - a "page" stands mostly for a paper sheet in printing - not for delimiting what's more like a "view" or a "slide" or a "zone" on client's screen. 

More importantly, the useful part in the <div> tag is its id: replacing a <div id="wrapper"> by a <page> won't help much to me.

<page id="wrapper"> would but is this really worsing the case considering the semantical ambiguity such a change would introduce in the markup language?

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