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Thank you Mike!  

May I also ask the detractors why they think that <page> is already catered for by <body>, whereas <div id="wrapper"> isn't? (since they are both the same, that doesn't make sense!)

Also, to answer Nathan, there is often stuff which falls outside of 'wrapper' (or <page> if I have my way!)  - I have javascript hit counters (for e.g.) which come after the 'wrapper' but before the close of body.  They do not appear to the user on screen and they are not a part of the 'display' as such. (Hence not - semantically - a part of the page in this sense).  


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  I don't understand the push back for "<page>"; seems like it is appropriately named for common vernacular and it addresses a use-case that almost every web page has. Plus I could easily see the following:

    <page id="1">
    <page id="2">
    <page id="3">




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